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4 years ago
I am 21 and my dad and I already have 4 babies together we are working on number 5, my mom thinks I am the neighborhood slut, but the only cock I have ever had in my pussy is my dad's I do give bj and anal to my dates
Leila 3 years ago
I want my dad to fuck me like this. I want him so bad..
3 years ago
Did you get her pregnant?
3 years ago
Damn I have a daughter who is interested in the position of being a mom
LOL 3 years ago
I cant have you running around like a common whore that's terrible....incest babies are much better! XD love that line
Bonnie 2 years ago
Its the best fucking your dad ..i gave my daddy 3 babbies so far an my uncle an i have 1. But daddy wants more so we trying again. Dad said breeding is what we girls are made for if we cant fuck an make babies we are useless.. Once a woman cant breed in our family they all live in a different house an are nannies to our babies
Virgin 3 years ago
This made me squirt so much and it was my first time it felt good tho
Squirts McGee 3 years ago
I need a dirty Ol man to lick & fill all my sweet holes. Got me so gooey thinking about gargling on your fat cock.
virgin baby girl 3 years ago
i wish i had a dad to fuck and cum inside me
Longdick22: 2 years ago
I want to fuck my daughter I've already let her see my dick & I watch her in the shower I want too put my dick in her mouth & pussy